Designing the quilt tribute

To me it is very important that the color scheme reflect and celebrate diversity. My nephew is in an interracial relationship, and has an amazing daughter Grace, of whom we expect great things. I would like to have our family members’ names embroidered onto the quilt and have enough space for new names to be added. Quilting is celebrated in African-American and many other traditions. My mother learned it from her grandmother and we are hoping that Grace will learn it from our mother. I also want the quilt to travel and be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom because at this point we don’t have anything that we can say has bound us together. Instead we are more of a family being pulled apart by bitterness and old bad memories.


This picture above is my nephew John and his daughter Grace.


Oh, goodness

While I was out escaping from all kinds of mayhem that may be happening, my companion has just turned 64. This is certainly not anything I had planned. You might have heard I am terrible with remembering these sorts of things. I had months of preparation and still almost flubbed it. Well to make up for it I celebrated with her for a few days. By the time we were finished she had surely had enough of her birthday. This is a trick that men use when we are dealing with important dates such as anniversaries or a companion’s birthday. We celebrate a day or two after in such a big way that the person says, oh please, sod off, why don’t you?

Well, what else has gone on? The World Cup soccer tournament has been going on endlessly, thanks to international asshole Ann Coulter. She insulted most of the people on the planet by dissing soccer. And so naturally the convoluted rules made it possible for the US to continue playing even after losing its game in the qualifying round.     Many very nice people died, not the ones who you wish would jump out of a building. I saw The Bucket List, which I had written about on the other blog but was more appropriate on this one. I had probably start working on my list now that I have been middle-aged for like 30 years.

Being able to go into the woods without being killed by the natives is top on the list. Next is traveling somewhere this year. Third is having a friend or two. Fourth would be having a woman writer to annoy my fan. I’m certain my fan is sitting around thinking I wish there was some guest writer to lighten the load from this nitwit. Canada would be a nice place to venture out towards. Fifth would be to end the year with money and good health. But surely I can be more ambitious than that. I don’t know about the jumping out of airplanes stuff that they did in the movie.

The money thing is always handy. I am finally in a job where I am in high demand now that my thoughts turn to retirement. It’s a long way off due to my less than stellar work history and my tendency to work for small start-ups. It’s interesting. I think if I had gone to social work school I would have started smoking and become burnt out carrying around the  problems of the people I was assisting. It’s also possible I would have gone to a psychiatrist sooner. Now that I decided becoming a psychotherapist was not in the cards, I am feeling restless.

My friend wants me to write a non-controversial blog for her website. There are those friends who know all kinds of things about you and are so thoughtful. I’m not one of those. I can barely stand remembering stuff about me to share. Most of the stories I tell about folks are ruined because I can’t remember the juicy details. Was Kenyatta chopped up in Minnesota or Wisconsin? Was he left-handed or right-handed? And what kind of olive oil did he accidentally put into the cake? But if you like following people on twitter or Facebook, I’m your man.

Someone who “gets” you

I can start explaining something to Lizzy and she listens quietly or sometimes she’s very excited and i realize she gets me. I think in relationships that begin to grow and develop into something more long lasting, you will reach a point of understanding what your partner is trying to tell you. You will start to explain yourself and your companion will say, “I know.”

You will realize that you don’t always have to be exciting, going and doing something together because merely being and talking to one another is enough. You will reach a point in time when the person you think about having sex with is the person you respect and value and listen to. The person who, if you walked into a crowded room, and you heard only that person’s voice, you would move towards him or her. At that point you will get one another. And that will be a love supreme. Talk to me, Mr. Coltrane.

One of the finest albums ever made. It become a life journey, seeking A Love Supreme. Where will you find it? What will you do with it, as part of a couple who get one another? How will you support, encourage, strengthen and bond with one another? How do we respond to being supremely loved? Good question. When you write to me, tell me about feeling that someone really gets and appreciates who you really are.