Designing the quilt tribute

To me it is very important that the color scheme reflect and celebrate diversity. My nephew is in an interracial relationship, and has an amazing daughter Grace, of whom we expect great things. I would like to have our family members’ names embroidered onto the quilt and have enough space for new names to be added. Quilting is celebrated in African-American and many other traditions. My mother learned it from her grandmother and we are hoping that Grace will learn it from our mother. I also want the quilt to travel and be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom because at this point we don’t have anything that we can say has bound us together. Instead we are more of a family being pulled apart by bitterness and old bad memories.


This picture above is my nephew John and his daughter Grace.


Guilt is gone


television (Photo credit: jeevs)


I wrote about surviving this morning and that seems so appropriate. Look at the things I talked about and yet forgot to mention the person who meant the most to me for much of that earlier period: my brother. there is not a day that passes when I don’t have a thought about him or see someone who reminds me of him. If you’re in my age group, you have probably lost people like my brother: a sibling, or a parent or fellow soldiers who meant something to you and you think: who am I to have survived? What was so special about me? I don’t deserve this.


But like me, you learned that as the survivor you were meant to carry on and live your life to the fullest because that’s all we can do. If I had died earlier there are so many millions of things I would have missed. Including the simple joy of holding “Margaret” while she cooked yesterday.