Now we are both 64

Yes it was actually back in April but for a few weeks we are the same age as in the Beetles song so long ago. This song is all about the aging of the baby boom generation. We were the young when we heard this song and now we are slowly moving off stage. Our hair has turned gray except for the occasional hair dye. The children of the boomers are grown and living on their own. And we are planning for retirement if not actually retired. We are looking at what kind of legacy we wish to leave our children and their children.

But there is still work to do. In some cases the issues that were considered settled during our youth are being given new clothes and sent out to the ball. There is a chance that North Carolina will pass a law allowing people to refuse to perform interracial marriages or serve such couples on the grounds of religious objection. The Loving case back in the 60s had cleared away that issue. It’s done. Nothing to litigate. But wait the bigots of the past are waving a new stick to prevent equality.

They say, what about their religious rights?It would be one thing if some old minister say he can’t marry someone. But what if this person holds public office/ Can judges be allowed to discriminate That’s what is being attempted in Alabama. The State Supreme Court of Alabama  is acting to prevent lower courts from carrying out federal rulings on marriage equality. Right now we have officials showing contempt of the law.

So baby boomers we cannot go gently. We must leave a legacy of equal justice under law. We must continue the good fight. We have not yet left the room.



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