An old brain in a young body

I was horrified last year when I heard the story of Jovan Belcher, a young man who had played football.

Jovan played pro football 4 years before killing his girl friend and then himself in December 2012. He killed himself in front of his teammates with the Kansas City Chiefs. His body was recently exhumed in order to examine his brain and the discovery that his brain displayed signs of a disease that had attacked the brains of other players who had committed suicide. He was losing his mind as a result of his chosen career which was sad enough, but the fact he was only 24 was indeed shocking. As a lifelong football fan I have watched two players, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson, kill themselves as a result of brain disease. We have to examine our roles in this situation. Do we want young people playing this sport? Would you want your son to become a football player? And what about other sports like boxing that I wrote about last week where a 28-year-old hockey player died from drugs and alcohol after a career as a so-called enforcer. Basically, he was a fighter and got his brains beaten over and over again. We must protect young and old brains alike.


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