Here come the goons: what does this have to do with hockey?

A guy I knew from elementary school  used to idolize the Montreal Canadiens who were the top team at the same time the Boston Celtics were ruling basketball. This afternoon I heard a story about a young man Derek Boogard who was only 28 years old when he died from an accidental overdose after a career as a so called hockey enforcer. i think of this because I grew up watching hockey among other sports. I can’t recall ever cheering the fact two idiots were fighting during the game. When I watched the finals of the National Hockey League i was excited at how few penalties were called. And yet, there is a young man who died and suffered many concussions as a result of his hockey fights. he did not live to be almost 64. He was not especially athletic or graceful but he was big and he lover to drop his gloves and fight. He loved the excitement  and the pay was probably good, too. But he’s dead.

Are you a goon in training/ A junior league enforcer, dropping your gloves and slugging it out? If you are, this message is not for you, because I think you’re a menace, part of what needs to be eliminated from the sport of hockey. When I’m 64 speaks to growing older, retiring, and entering a new field. But it’s not possible if you’ve had your brains beaten inside and out. if I was in charge of hockey in Canada and the US i would develop policies to ban fighters and those who promote them. If you want to fight, go become a boxer. Hockey is about passing and strategy not dropping your gloves.


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