Terms of endearment




Today on Facebook I posted a status update  “The little pest was right, after all.   ‘This prompted a question from one of my fans,  who was wondering what I meant and what indeed is a little pest. This of course is an inside joke regarding  Liz, who I also call my companion.   I sometime use terms like sweets, herself or the little knucklehead. However, it is possible I may be referring to the cat instead. When one reaches my advanced state of decrepitude without a diagnosis or sports injury, you’re entitled to a little latitude.

I have learned never to call women by the name of your favorite food, for example. Couscous is something I enjoy but only once was a foolish enough to call a woman by that name. Thanks to my quick reflexes, I avoided receiving a hot dish of the same in my lap. apparently, this was a dealbreaker.

I avoid names i might have heard in movies, like doll, beautiful or monkey face. Cary Grant used the term monkey face with great effect in a movie with a very beautiful woman.

I would never use a term of endearment that someone under 40 would use. She’s not my main squeeze, babe, or anything else I am too addled to imagine.  I think of the term companion as meaning far more than being someone to have a physical relationship with. This is a woman who shares my lack of memory and enjoys it. We can be as absent minded as we want and still laugh about it. She is a woman to share intimacy, talking, walking and thinking about the life we would like to live. And the kind of world to leave behind.

A woman to chase mice with. A woman to share a smile, a kiss, a hello and happiness. These are all my terms of endearment and what they mean to me..



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