It begins to fall

One thing that happens as you begin to grow older is that you have more discussions is the number of discussions you have concerning your health. For instance when I called my sister recently she talked about signs of her blood pressure. She felt that her grand-daughter was raising her blood pressure as a kind of wild child. She would have fits and these were very disturbing.  I don’t recall being this kind of child. Especially at the age when I began talking and having babysitters. I have no memory of crying for my mother.

So it’s impossible or me to fathom having a child who throws fits in order to get her way. My blood pressure problems seem to have developed over the years. I started taking a water pill and then lisinonpril and verapamil. Now I am taking yet another blood pressure pill. I have been concerned that my blood pressure pills may have stopped working but it seems there may be a few other factors. For one thing I may not have been taking my blood pressure correctly. When I talked with the nurse from the VA she said I needed to wait 2 hours for the blood pressure pills to begin taking effect. Another thing that happens is one can’t eat or drink for some time before taking one’s blood pressure. Then one must sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes before taking blood pressure. When I followed these procedures I found that my blood pressure gradually came down today. So I am listening to a story about a man who ran a lab during world war ii who ran a lab that was to create a vaccine for typhus. Typhus was a horrible disease spread by unclean conditions and a particular type of lice. We know so much more about these different diseases but blood pressure is the most insidious because high blood pressure gives no warning. I am certainly planning to stay around as long as possible for my sweetheart. As the ages of men, go up we fall away by not taking care of ourselves. I hope not to be one.


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