Running the bastille and playing hoops

Milwaukee’s premier summer festival has ended but our tourist season has only begun. For example this weekend is Bastille Days. It has been a very diverse event and I will be there with phone cameras snapping pictures for my Facebook page. One or two women will be with me as I attempt to ruin things for everyone else.Today I was spreading the word about the event, which is free to attend. Unless you wear a sign on your head, no one knows or cares whether you have a diagnosis. I remember going to the event with a woman friend and snapping pictures and buying a hat and having a good time. We need to simply assume we are included.Wherever.

On the July calendar for Our Space is information about outings, including Festa Italiana next weekend. And I will be pushing people to go enjoy themselves. Too many of us are in group homes needing people to monitor our behavior. Some of these places actually have some cool stuff to do. For those who have seen me, I am much more slender than many consumers. I went over to visit 2 guys today and I grabbed a basketball and made a couple of shots. And my friends joined in. There are weights and a treadmill and games in this place. Put down your smokes, turn off the tv and breathe.Otherwise few of us will live to be 64.


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