Sorry to have been away so long

I have been swept up in many different activities so where can I start? I finished my first psychotherapy course which was a big pain in the ass. I learned about counseling theory, some of which repeated a counseling theory class I had at Milwaukee Area Technical College. In the middle of the short semester I moved and unless you have been living under a rock you have learned about the incredibly cold winter we have been experiencing. It has been so difficult to do anything except go to work and study. My study habits were horrible, as my group members can attest. One of them was about to swear out a contact on me. I think teachers assign these group projects deliberately to see how many students will be shot by their fellow classmates.

The teacher was one of those incredibly fast talkers who sounds like she is on energy drinks. I on the other hand am one of those people who speaks at a normal pace and is somewhat introverted. I sometimes can fake being more outgoing but coffee was definitely my friend during the two weekends that we met.

Adding to the excitement was the condition of my car which I discovered had 4 tires that needed to be replaced. My first trip to and from class was a nightmare during which I had to pull off the road to try and clear my windshield and steady my nerves. Once I survived the experience, I said, oh, well, not dead yet. I finally replaced the tires, got moved and with the support of little Lizzy, finished the course. Another B. B for bald, black, bold and beautiful. And many more courses to go. B for bring on the polar vortex, I am going to whip that sucker, yet!