Well, dear reader, it seems the crossroad has come to me in my relationship with dear Lizzy. Through Facebook, she sent me a message promising a number of surprises when I see her on Saturday, Mind you, that we are two totally immature people in our 60s who have decided we met 20 years ago but were somehow married to the wrong people. I should also warn you that I have 2 interacting fetishes and 1 absolute must in my life. My fetishes are Asian women, who are absolutely the bomb. Lizzy and I have joked about this weird fantasy of mine but in reality I have never dated an Asian woman. Second fetish, which might come true, is that I love robots. I used to enjoy reading about them in science fiction novels and finding out what secret codes of honor the robots followed, well that will set me off.

So when Lizzy sent me a little Facebook note about the fact she had planned some little surprise for me when we see each other this weekend, I immediately thought : 3 Way with a robot. Wouldn’t you? What do you think she has in mind? Keep in mind that your suggestions can’t set off our pacemakers. Better yet, what would you suggest. Any suggestions involving current or retired athletes will be disallowed.

One absolute must in my life? Hah, what’s yours? I read about the top 50 New York Giants of all time and of course the top player is Lawrence Taylor. A great player but deeply flawed person, like most of us.  what is it you can’t live without?


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