Now, we’re getting serious

It seems that I am perhaps a little too compatible with Lizzy and so we must make certain not to encourage one another’s bad habits. For one thing we are notorious procrastinators. I have developed many bad habits over the years that can be traced to Internet access. I am addicted to seeking information, no matter how trivial, and posting it on Facebook or wherever. Only when deadlines are staring me in the face do I knock out my assignments. Rarely do I take the opportunity to create a third or fourth draft before submitting a paper. In part this is due to my supreme confidence in my writing ability. However, when applied to the APA format, this kind of rid and run style can have serious limitations.

The other fault I share with Lizzy is that we were not the neatest kids in the playground. I joked about my habits in a blog about why the barefoot vegans would not accept me. In truth I never made an application  because their lifestyle seemed completely different from mine. I could not imagine moving all of my belongings into one room and try as I might, I have not been able to develop much interest in yoga. Whereas, the housing group was centered around yoga and a shared sense of spirituality. Both of us are secular, rational people who like to reason things out more than we like to throw out things. We enjoy our dust animals. They comfort and caress us. Dirt unseen is well, just not there, silly.

So we have to channel one another’s inner Felix, the neatnik to Oscar’s live and let live. We will see how productive we are this week as I prepare to move in with my darling. I have managed to throw away some papers and donate clothes to a local organization. I have also located a loving home where I can send my furniture and my television. We will see how my little companion works on cleaning out the room where I am going to be setting up my office in our flat. This is some serious shit.


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