Someone who “gets” you

I can start explaining something to Lizzy and she listens quietly or sometimes she’s very excited and i realize she gets me. I think in relationships that begin to grow and develop into something more long lasting, you will reach a point of understanding what your partner is trying to tell you. You will start to explain yourself and your companion will say, “I know.”

You will realize that you don’t always have to be exciting, going and doing something together because merely being and talking to one another is enough. You will reach a point in time when the person you think about having sex with is the person you respect and value and listen to. The person who, if you walked into a crowded room, and you heard only that person’s voice, you would move towards him or her. At that point you will get one another. And that will be a love supreme. Talk to me, Mr. Coltrane.

One of the finest albums ever made. It become a life journey, seeking A Love Supreme. Where will you find it? What will you do with it, as part of a couple who get one another? How will you support, encourage, strengthen and bond with one another? How do we respond to being supremely loved? Good question. When you write to me, tell me about feeling that someone really gets and appreciates who you really are.


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