Meeting friends and relatives

Cover from the soundtrack album for A Charlie ...

Cover from the soundtrack album for A Charlie Brown Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This week Lizzy and I spent time with one another’s friends and relatives. This included meeting her daughter and her family, some of Lizzy’s closest friends and Lizzy talking with my mother. For some reason, I was telling her a story about when the characters on How I met you Mother decided that they don’t like someone who one of their friends is dating, they try to sabotage the relationship. To me, anyone she could have dated before me is probably a man who is running around wearing hoodie footie pajamas and giving them friends as gifts. These are the sort of men enrolled in women’s studies classes expecting to get easy passing grades and complained when the teacher rejected their one page handwritten papers. These are not the sort of men one would want to enter the era of post racial enlightenment 2014 with, now would you? Of course not.


Of course, I am slightly exaggerating because Lizzy has a couple of wonderful adult daughters. And, no I don’t think her friends will be doing any weird stunts to set her up with their unmarried cousins. you know, the ones with the chipped teeth from playing hockey or rugby.  One thing her friends were curious about was the Christmas quilt because I had no idea what it looked like because my memory was at 24%. I had slept under the quilt 3 weeks ago but that might as well be last June for all I knew. It also seems that I see a lot of things in black and white, as my other blog talks about adding a little color to local events.


After the first weeks of romantic adventures where you are half-naked in each others arms, you begin to notice certain idiosyncrasies. The kind that Charlie Brown discussed with Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip. I had a distinct memory of Lucy handing Charlie Brown a long printout of what she called his flaws. And he responded that they were character traits. Well I picked up on a few of Lizzy’s . My sweet, darling little sweetheart is a kicker. This week I counted about 5 kicks she gave me for certain indiscretions in talking with her family and friends. Fortunately, I had seen that movie before and avoided the worst of it.


The meeting between Mom and Lizzy brought out another difference between us. I called home Christmas Day and was sitting around leisurely getting ready to visit her friends while Lizzy was frantically getting dressed. I have never understood the layers of clothes that women wear which is why I figured there was plenty of time for family bonding while Lizzy did whatever she was doing. I put Mom on speaker phone and listened while Lizzy went from room to room. Finally I decided to introduce them to one another.  It was a scene of much hilarity and fortunately there were no pictures. Or kicks. So that is how we spent our first holiday together.








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