Margaret is dead, Lizzy killed her

The names in this story have been changed to protect the guilty. When I began this blog, a few days ago, I decided to protect the name of my little dear companion. She’s one of those you can recall or imagine standing up to authority all her life. I can see her helping to lay out the newspaper back in the 70’s, making college authorities nervous  and making the best possible decisions she knew how about life and love. that’s all we can do, really.


I met Lizzy a few years back as a peer specialist before certification had taken hold. And I thought: she’s a nice little interesting woman. She even gave me a ride one day from a meeting. I figured a woman like that was probably married to a guy who made a lot more money than me. She was probably a few years younger than me, so nothing was going to happen.


Well wouldn’t you know, time passes and here’s this same little slender cutie coming down the hallway at the mental hospital. And I asked her out. So, now, suddenly we’re a couple. She’ roasted a chicken, which means, for Irish women, things are really serious. Well, Lizzy and me, we had our first disagreement tonight. I had encouraged her to read the blog and she did and she hit the roof when she saw that I had invented the name Margaret for her. She said “you can call me Liz, Lizzy or Chloe, but no Margaret. The brief existence of Margaret has ended tragically but Liz has arisen to take her place. Isn’t that just like a man to screw up his sweetheart’s name?


Recall Walker

Recall Walker (Photo credit: Rochelle, just rochelle)




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